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PURPOSE - Why we are here

We are here to seek God and glorify Him by -

  • Sharing His love with our community,

  • Encouraging each other to be more like Him, and,

  • Praising Him for redeeming and changing us.


VISION - What we strive to be

The vision of Castile Baptist Church is -

  • To be a place where each person knows they are loved, they belong, and they have a place to serve.

  • To be a place where people are trained and equipped to serve God.

  • To be a place where people have opportunities to glorify God, learn about Him, and apply what they have learned.

  • To be a place where people seek excellence and effectiveness, and continually evaluate what we do. Our gauge will be the visible working of God causing change in people's lives.


CORE VALUES - What we focus on as a body

These Core Values are what we will focus on to achieve our vision -

  • SOUND DOCTRINE BASED ON GODS WORD: We are committed to building believers who live by the Scriptures.

Focus: We will be guided and taught by the inspired Word of God.

  • GROWTH THROUGH CONVERSION: We are committed to bringing people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Focus: We take a concerted approach to evangelism to bring people to Christ.

  • DISCIPLEMAKING: We are committed to personal and accountable spiritual mentoring to create disciples of Christ.

Focus: We emphasize small group ministry and mentoring opportunities.

  • FLOCK Care:

We commit ourselves to prioritizing relationships over ritual, and showing His love by corporately ministering to people's physical and spiritual needs.

  • TEAM WORK: We are committed to cooperative service at the direction of our Pastor and leadership. We seek to equip and involve every member in gifted service.

Focus: We equip our members with effective training, the proper tools, and sufficient resources necessary for their respective ministries.

  • REAL & DYNAMIC WORSHIP: We are committed to loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength, and worshiping God in our daily lives, becoming more like Him.

Focus: We continually seek to create opportunities to worship God, together and privately, knowing that genuine worship will focus our attention on Him.

  • PRAYER: We believe that prayer is key in our relationship with God. We are committed to personal and corporate prayer, and depend upon God for our future vision and planning, as well as for the execution of our ministries.

Focus: We create opportunities for focused corporate and personal prayer for the needs of our ministries, direction of the body, and the advancement of the kingdom.


Critical Success Factors- What must happen

These factors will help us measure the success of what we do.

  • People from our community come, and know Christ.

  • People demonstrate an increased willingness to gather, build cross-generational relationships, and work together.

  • We develop opportunities for training and equipping people to utilize their time, talents, and treasure and demonstrate individual and corporate growth.

  • We see people who are enthusiastic in their worship, eager to learn, and applying what they have been taught.

  • We have worship services that are structured so that all may participate, and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the congregation.

With all the concerns and the confusion that we see this world, the church leadership wanted to provide you with a few reminders and suggestions:

First of all, remember God is in control. There are many passages in Scripture that address our human nature to be fearful. Matthew 6:25-34 is one of those passages that reminds us we should not fear as our Heavenly Father will take care of us no matter what.

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